I Love Brunch

Brunch and Brunching Culture are an important part of my life.  It can be a time to meet with friends you rarely see and catch-up or a regular tradition you have with your close friends. Brunch is who you wish you could be, relaxed and easy (mmm, weekends); spicy and sweet (bloody marys and mimosas), casual or dressy (jeans or a new shift dress), simple yet decadent (egg whites or fussy french toast), alone or with a group. Brunch has accepts all comers, except late comers. There are no rules in brunch. Want dim sum? Have it! Prefer bacon and eggs, no shame in the classics! Don’t want to leave your house? Pour OJ into your Cava and catch-up on your Netflix queue. #NoJudgement

I hope to impart my love of brunching to you with recipes, reviews, tips, hacks, whatever. Make brunch a time when you connect either with yourself or with others; It is your last bit of revelry before the reality of Mondays. Happy Brunching!

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