Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

By Puja

I know I said this was going to be a food centric blog, but give me a second to get my life right. In the interim, I wrote a review of the play manuscript of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child for the other blog I contribute to Sisters In Law Blog. Feel free to check it out here.

What is the perfect cocktail to sip on when reading a play that wants you to cast the confundus charm on yourself to forget this new story exists?FireballShotsHPCC

That’s right. Four chilled shots of fireball whiskey. In Harry Potter, one of the adult beverages they have is called fire whiskey. So my thought is that cinnamon is described as “hot” in some food arenas, so technically Fire Whiskey is the perfect thing to drink when reading that your favorite characters were kind of butchered in their adulthood. Yeesh. Cheers friends!

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